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- Road to become a Certified Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practice Company in the 21st Century Globalisation Economy and get free distance learning course on CSR practice aspects are only available for registered participating companies with ANSTED.


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Welcome message by the management of Ansted Board of Trustees

Welcome to visit Ansted Universityís web site.

 Since its inception in 1999 the University has strived continuously to achieve its mission of providing high quality and flexible further education opportunities for adults. Currently the University offers various distance-taught degree and sub-degree programmes in various disciplines to more than 80,000 adult learners.

 The Ansted University (AU) uses a flexible credit system under which students earn credits for each course and accumulate credits towards a degree. The AU offers great freedom for its students in where and when they study, and provide them with carefully structured materials to guide them through the courses. There are also trained tutors who gold tutorial sessions via online, comment on and mark assignments, and answer studentsí queries by email messages.

 Ansted University has been an active participant in the distance education revolution since 1999. It is an independent-non profit university incorporated in British Virgin Islands. The university has signed reciprocal agreement with reputable universities and professional institutions to recognize our various programmes via dual degree programme system. Therefore, to possess an accredited degree qualification is no longer an issue for Ansted University graduates because through dual degree programme system our graduates can also obtain a same degree qualification for the work they have completed for their Ansted University degree from another accredited university. These can be at Bachelor, Master and Doctorate level depending on the level of your Ansted University degree. Ansted University has archived the assessment papers for all graduates which can be submitted for the assessment records to other educational institutions that wish to reassess the work completed, for the issuing of a second degree based on this work.

 Brilliant professional careers of many graduates in relation to the posts held by them, in many cases being company and institution executives, may be easily considered as a practical proof of quality and usefulness of the knowledge gained by them. Nevertheless, it is necessary to repeat the crucial conclusion: while following the careers made by our graduates from various parts of the world, we can still notice their outstanding professional knowledge together with well-shaped and developed initiative and self-dependence, allowing them to be successful in various situations and profession surroundings. It shows that these candidates are well-motivated to study at the Ansted University.   

 Since the launch of the Ansted University virtual campus, our programme student population has grown from 8 to thousands and our international faculty members from 80 countries have achieved over one thousand. This rapid growth reflects a marketplace demand for not only graduate-level business education but also for alternatives to the traditional, full-time or on-campus courses.

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